Corporate and Foreign Investment Service

CASE & LAW legal Firm provides the Legal business services regarding the establishment of all kinds of companies in Jordan and ME, including limited liability companies, limited partnership companies, public shareholding companies and foreign companies.

We in CASE & LAW Legal Firm advises our clients about all matters related to Legal Advices and how to setup your own business and establishing companies, declares all investment requirements in Jordan to labor issues and laws relevant to their work and follow up on the procedures of incorporation by informing them on the investment incentives and exemptions.

CASE & LAW Legal Firm has the best of legal advisor and lawyers in Jordan and region  offers the highest professional legal assistance and advice, preparing feasibility studies to its customers with respect the foreign investment whether full or partial foreign capital in accordance with the new Jordan investment regulations.

CASE & LAW Firm provides for Companies and businessmen the legal services required after establishing companies, including merger and acquisition, new amendments of information relevant to the company or partners, changes in the type of the company and partnerships and joint ventures and strategic alliances agreements. Moreover we act behalf of clients in all kinds of litigations and alternative dispute resolutions relating to their businesses.


  • Agency & Franchise Services
    • Our office has a big ability to prepare and register all kinds of agencies, and assisting customers and foreigners in finding them local proper agent.

  • Debt Collection
    • case & law as Collection Company is one of leading debt repossession unit in Collection & recovery in U.A.E. We proud on our working team because of the vast experience and well trade oriented staff team with sole motive to provide quality in all related files. We have tremendously developed integrated network of searching.

      Repossess collection, recovering & surveying of assets in ME and Middle East with addition to our intercity and excellent self-relations with the local & Government Authorities. Affirming our company’s commitment of putting the clients first, we believe in maintaining a close relation with clients & authorities as they contributes to being giving minutes feedback on current situation effecting this industry and responsiveness at our end.

  • Litigation &Arbitration services
    • Business disputes are an unwelcome distraction from commercial life and need to be resolved as effectively, quickly and cheaply as possible.

      We will quickly assimilate the facts and explain your options, take an aggressive or measured approach as appropriate, and keep you up to date on the progress and cost of the dispute.

  • Labor Law
    • CASE & LAW Legal Firm possesses in-depth understanding complexities of numerous laws governing labor and employment. We believe that comprehensive understanding of employment and labor policies is vital to the success of any business plan.

  • Tax law
    • CASE & LAW Firm offers all legal services relevant to custom duties, income tax and sales tax and value added tax.

  • Banking law
    • CASE & LAW Legal Firm assists clients with issues related to electronic transactions, cross-border transfers, security, electronic regulatory compliance, e-tax, information technology, and e-commerce issues. Moreover our services include a detailed visible study in any required sector.

  • Intellectual Property
    • CASE & LAW Legal Firm takes all required actions to provide a full protection needed for our clients’ businesses including registration of brands, copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and much more.

  • Negotiating and drafting contracts and agreements
    • CASE & LAW Legal Firm undertakes careful study and draft of all kinds of contracts and agreements for legal entities and individuals in Arabic, English and French languages.

      Agreements includes Memorandums of Understanding, Purchase Agreements, Sale Agreements, establishment and merger of companies, privilege contracts, employment contracts, internal disciplinary rules, investments agreements and those related to any transfer of movable or immovable properties.

  • Financial Claims & their Collection
    • The Office, on behalf of its customers, defends and pleads before all courts, departments, judicial and banking committees including Board of Grievance, settlement office in commercial paper disputes (returned checks), trade concealment and fraud suits, commercial and civil arbitration suits, making reconciliation between parties in addition to debts collection of the others with reconciliation or legal proceedings. Also, the office handles insurance disputes, workmen claims, legal and criminal personal status suits in addition to inheritances dividing and companies dissolution.

      Our offices distinguished with the presence of separate collection department, has experience and knowledge with follow-up and legal proceedings as our office represents some local and foreign banks and enabling them to obtain their financial claims from public and private sector debtors.

  • Legal Suits
    • CASE & LAW Legal Firm offers legal and advisory services in all following fields:

      • Commercial suits and commercial paper disputes.

      • Business suits.

      • Banking suits.

      • Civil suits.

      • Labor and workmen suits.

      • Customers suits.

      • Insurance suits including health insurance suits.

  • Governance
    • We are specialist at governance companies and banks field.

  • Governmental entities
    • CASE & LAW Legal Firm maintains a great relationship with all Governmental entities which gives it an ability to handle number of problems that may face some local and foreign businesses.

  • Our professional team speaks multi languages
    • • English

      • Arabica

      • Hindi

      • Russian

      • Ukrainian

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